In Honor of Women’s History Month

Tamar Kuratishvili


Nine years ago, at the age of 18, I got married. I was not finished with the secondary education. As soon as I took this step, I found myself against the stereotypes. People around me told me that marriage is a big responsibility, and I would not have time for anything else. I have often read the words in people’s eyes, what no one ever told me out loud – “if you wanted to learn, you would not have gotten married.” Many girls around me gave up. As if, because of your first disobedient behavior, you are ready to recover your mistake with the obedience in the future. That’s why many of my acquaintances did not finish secondary education. It is the fact, that early marriage raises too many problems, and it is hinders human development and progress. I experienced all of that, but saying no to development is not the way to solve this problem.

I set a goal, to prove to everyone that I am not a foolish girl who tries to avoid responsibility and follows on the wishes of others. I was pregnant when I took the national university admission exams. I passed the exams successfully, I got the state scholarship to study at the bachelor level at the University. But it was not enough. I had a new challenge in my life – a child. I had to be a student, as well as a mother, and I had to handle both of them successfully. I have never told that to my lecturers that everything I had learned and what I had written were done on the road from home or to university. I had to stay up late in the night like other students, and it is not a new thing for the students, but my group mates could never understand why I always rejected their offer to have fun with them, and why I never had even one hour to sit with them in a café and talk with them about the thousand little silly things. However, I really wanted to join them, but I just did not have the time.

When I received the first scholarship, I felt satisfaction for the first time. Gradually, it was followed by victories in the conferences and contests, and I felt more fulfilment. I was looking at the people who did not believe in my abilities and now they were reading from my eyes, that “everything will be the way, I want it to be.”

I have not proven everything either for myself, or for others, yet. I am going to wear Master’s mantle this year. And before that, I continue to work for the organization, which works on the rights of girls and minors. Here people are fighting against the stereotypes, because stereotypes hinder human development, and I am the most sincere in this battle. I believe that we can create a reality where the girls never stop learning, and nobody is able to interfere with their development.


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